Some simple rules apply to our servers :

- all players with "default", "standard" as name will be kicked from the server. If you can not think of a name then stay out

- no personal mods are allowed

- no racist players names or talk will be tolerated

- Red Faction is a game, not a political forum. So we do not tollerate names or talk refering to this topic.

- if you dont like the server or disagree with the gameplay, just leave. We do not need your negative comments.

- the use of VPN connections is not allowed. If you do not wish to use your own ip then do not join our servers.

- and please don't come begging for players to come to your server, everyone can make up his mind and decide themselves where to play :)

These rules will be strictly applied and whoever thinks they are not for him will get a widerange ban for 3 months or forever.